Your Source for the Demented Dregs
from Mentally Strange Individuals


The linguistic history behind Twisted Crapola: 

Twisted [twist-ed] (adj.) - mentally strange, 1900 usage, from "twist" (n.) in a sense of "mental peculiarity."

Crapola [kra-poh-la] (n.) - the demented dregs from perverted, mentally strange individuals, 2009 usage, from "crap" (n.) in a sense of "rubbish, nonsense," 1898 usage, from Middle English "crappe" "chaff" (c. 1440), from Middle Latin "crappa" or "crapinum."


Curiosities We’ve Left Behind
Tales from the good ol' days, when a gentle spirit resonated outward to all folks, through the murky realms of the great and pious human nature, come alive.
Last Update: 09-09-16

Notes on the Artwork
In this case, the description is quite accurate. Here, we offer a glimpse at the artwork and history of such images that have been published in Dreams of the Damned.
Last Update: 05-06-15