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Treasure Island

Shortly before World War II, the Army Corps of Engineers created an island for the 1939 Golden Gate International Exposition that was open for tourism for eight months in 1939 and four months in 1940. Future plans were to turn the island into a transpacific airport, but were scuttled in 1941 as the Navy took control of the island for the war effort. The island remained under the control of the Navy until 1997.

After Treasure Island had been returned to civilian use, the city of San Francisco considered turning it into something of a second downtown.

Fate, though, had other plans entirely. Treasure Island had been found to be scattered with radioactive waste from naval training exercises and the return of ships which had survived Operation Crossroads, a series of nuclear tests on a small island in the pacific ocean. Thus, as happens in this world we live upon, the island, named for the hope of a bright future, has shed its cloak and bared its demons …

Treasure Island cleanup exposes Navy’s mishandling of its nuclear past


I … we, um, well … I forgot …

Oh, yes! It”s our inaugural post in this new section. After speaking thousands of words in countless speeches, I must have forgotten the most important words I was going to say! It happens, of course, to all of us, at times. We are, after all, human.

In this section, you will find countless examples of human nature, examples that go beyond a simple speech or a few mistaken words. Some examples will be simple, yet possibly horrific, mistakes that were made without full knowledge of what people were doing. Other examples will come from wretched negligence or willful malevolence. Yet other examples will be hilarious and mind-boggling at the same time.

Here, in Curios from the Ages, odd events from the past, whether begotten by interesting studies, news from ages ago, unearthed documents or the rediscovery of old practices will grace this page. We seek to entertain and enlighten the spark of knowledge. Nothing here will arise from deep, dark secrets.

And, to stretch the point, nothing will be brought forth as some silly political commentary. Twisted Crapola leaves such commentary to others. While much of what we will unearth may be horrific, especially because of the non-fictional nature of the entries, here, we do not seek to demonize anyone.

After all, we”re all human …